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First activity was introduction we were grouped in pairs and asked to introduce ourselves to each other then our partners were made to introduce us to the participants of the workshop after which seven teams of 4-5  participants were made.

Then the distinguishing attributes of well-established bussinessmen were discussed,giving us a clear image of what we have to be like to be a successful entrepreneur.After that we discussed all the important requirements to start business and turned out that it is the IDEA that was the most important factor to start a business and decided the possible fate of the company.

 We were introduced to the concept of  I HOPE where I-idea,H-homework,O-opportunity,P-planning,E-execution.Idea being the most important was discussed about first,the places or ways in which people could get inspiration.We were then given newspapers to read them and come up with business ideas since they had the most variation in content.The next day our daily problems and hobbies were tallied and then grouped on,this taught us that problems can be an inspiration and it is just as easy to turn them into opportunities just by our hobbies because when you do what you love you will excel.

Then came the homework part.We discussed all the thing that could be learned from competitors  and what the lack of them indicated.Also the homework about suppliers and customers(basically research) were discussed.This part was crucial especially to remove any apprehensions from our mind.

Then we were taught about accounting which basically comes under execution.Profit and loss  statements and cash book,the methods used in running an entire company was taught to us by an activity where we planned a setup of a COCA-COLA stall in a fair and were also informed about some basic business strategies for maximising profit.

Nearing the end of the workshop the 4-P(Place,Product,Price,Promotion) of business were taught to us which are crucial to run a business.

On the last  day each team were asked to present their business idea along with the complete homework to 5 judges who turned out to be friends or family of our amazing mentors Venkatesh Sir and Tejaswina Ma'am who are working as a part of I Create India. You would have read the word “discussed” tens of times.that was because we really were discussing 80% of the time and answer came pretty much from the participants rather than our mentors. Even accounting was taught us on application basis which kept the workshop interesting at all time.

The following was the standing on the business plan competition in our workshop-

  1. wired-less(smart charger,wireless storage)
  2. NSNO4(gaming cyber cafe)
  3. TIERRA(E-Waste Management)
  4. YouTech(automated car parking system)


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