Institute Vision and Mission

DBIT will be known to have an innovative, enjoyable and holistic learning environment that transforms individuals into socially conscious citizens the Don Bosco way, and will lead in research and entrepreneurship in the area of substainable technologies.
  • To create future engineers who work with honesty and integrity and excel in the use of technology for the benefit of the underpriviledged.
  • To train engineers to be innovative problem solvers and entrepreneurs who engages in research and life-long learning.
  • To provide a diverse and stimulating environment for staff and students to grow holistically.
  • To produce engineers who will excel in industry and research.
  • To provide consultancy to various industries.
  • To provide programmes which are contemporary and relevant to industry.
  • To share expertise and resources for the benefit of underprivileged youth of local communities.
  • To be a center of research and development in the field of technology.
  • To gain recognition in the field of technical education, both nationally and internationally.
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